Autumn Equinox

autumnAutumn Equinox also known as Madron, Mabon, Alban Elfed or Harvest Festival.

This is the time of year when crops are harvested and a time where once again light and dark are in balance. The god sleeps in the womb of the goddess waiting to be reborn.

Mabon is sacred to the celtic god Mabon, a son of light and son of the goddess Modron.

The second harvest festival is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor or give thanks for abundance. It is also similar to Ostara in that it is a time to throw out the old and take on the new although it has a different emphasis to Ostara in that Madron is the feast of the healer, bringing justice and the release of prisoners.

This sabbat is marked by the release od symbolic prisoners such as old arguments or regrets, Madron is very much about healing and putting mistakes behind us so we can move on and learn from the lessons we have had and move on with lessons yet to be learned.