beltaineBeltaine also known as Beltain, Beltan, Bealtaine, Calan Mai,Warpurgisnacht, May Day, May Eve, Samradh or Cetsmain

By this time of year the light has grown longer and everything is flowering. The young lord (god) and maiden (goddess) celebrate the consumation of there relationship. Belatine is the second most important sabbat in the wheel of the year after Samhain. It is sacred to the goddess Maia the goddess of spring and Bel the fire god.

Beltaine is a fire and fertility festival that celebrates the goddesses transformation from maiden to mother.

Traditionally Beltaine would be the night old hearth fires were put out and new ones started from the bel fire. Bel fires were placed on the top of hills and produced a chain of beacons across the land. Cattle would be driven between the fires and people would jump over them to ensure fertility in the coming season. Many towns still have a beacon that stems from this tradition that are lit for for celebrations such as the Millenium. They are usually on one of the highest hills in the area an example of this would be the beacon in Halifax which is located at the top of beacon hill.

Another Beltaine tradition is that of the maypole and maypole dancing. This tradition symbolises sexual union. Those who did not have a partner would often find one during this festival. They would wear green to announce there intentions. Beltaine is also a common time for witches to handfast. Come and celebrate at Friendly Dragon on Sunday 2nd May at 4 pm