imbolcImbolc also know as Imbolg, Oimelec, Gwyl Fair, Festival of Bride, Festival of Bridgit or Candlemass

Imbolc – quickening of the year, buds appear on trees and green life begins to stir under the frozen ground. It is a time when the Infant Sun (The God) grows in size and strength from the darkenss of Yule/Winter Solstice.

Imbolc is one of the four fire festivals and is sacred to the goddess Bridghid (Bridgit).

Imbolc means means ‘in the belly’ and Oimeled means ‘ewes milk’ both referring to the fact that at this time of year many of the main cattle animals are pregenant and often in a mild year the first lambs of the year will be born at this time.

Bridghid (Bridgit) is the Goddess of Art and Poetry, Fire,Fertility, The Hearth, All Feminine Arts and Crafts, Healing, Agriculture, Divination, Prophecy, Love, Witchcraft and Occult Know,ledge

Ritual starts at 4pm finishes at 6pm – we are asking all those who wish to attend bring some artwork to dress the altar area or bring some poetry based around Imbolc/Bridghid to read if you so wish.