lammasLammas also known as Lughnasadh, Lunsa, Gwyl Awst, Hlafmass, Loaf-mass or The festival of loaves

The time of year when the days are growing shorter and the fields are heavy with crops ready for harvesting. The corn king is sacrificed and mourning for the sun (god) begins.

This is the first of three harvest festivals in the wheel of the year and is a festival of fire and light. The name of the festival is taken from the celtic sun god Lugh – The lord of light.

Traditionally, in recognition of the corn kings sacrifice, small cakes in shape of men would be made, this is the origin of the gingerbread man. Also it is traditional to make bread the festival shaped as a man or as a sheaf of wheat from this comes the term loaf-mass or festival of loaves, another term for this festival.