samhain1Samhain also know as Halloween, Samhuinn, Calan Gaeaf, Allantide, Shadowfest, All Hallows Eve and All Souls.

The harvest season comes to a close as the days grow darker and winter begins. The goddess enters her time of sleeping and dreaming. The sun god awaits his rebirth.

Samhain marks the end and start of the wheel of the year and its is the most sacred of the eight sabbats.

Samhain is one of the old celtic days that falls outside the normal year where the boundary between the living and the dead is at its thinest. It is traditional on this day to light a candle in your window to welcome friendly spirits home and to ward of unwanted or unwelcome spirits. This is where the origin of pumpkin lanterns on Halloween stems from.

Samhain also marks the start of the Wild Hunt where the horned god rides out with his hounds and gathers up the souls of those who linger and those who are unwary.

At this time of year the goddess takes on the role of crone or wise one. She is looked upon for guidance and wisdom. This is usually done in the form of divination such as tarot or scrying. If you would like a reading done please contact us to make an appointment.