Spring Equinox

ostaraSpring Equinox also known as Ostara, Eostre,Oestara,Oestre, Alban Eilir and Easter

This is when the year is in perfect balance between dark and light. The god is now a green youth having been reborn at the winter solstice and the goddess is now in her maiden aspect.

At this time of year the visable awakening of the land is plain to see with leaves appearing on trees, flowers in bloom and the first shoots of corn appearing.

Ostara is a solar festival of fire and light and of fertility. It is sacred to the goddess Ostara/Eostre. Ostara (goddess of spring or dawn goddess) symbols are the egg and hare and as with Yule, Easter takes traditional pagan symbols as part of its theme.

The saying ‘Spring Clean’ also stems from the spring equinox, this is traditionally a time when we rid ourselves of those things that are no longer needed such as old habits, bad thoughts, old thoughts and feelings and where we take onboard new ideas, thoughts and fresh beginings.